How to control a crowd

Sometimes you have to gaze at the crowd of people in a stadium, or at a race, or at a massive televised event and wonder. “How did they get all those people in there?” With all those crowds, how did the orderly fashion prevail? The answer is by using crowd control techniques. These techniques help keep people in areas where they are supposed to be, as well as keeping them out of areas where they shouldn’t be.

crowd control fencing

This is done by using crowd control fencing, barriers, rope, and signs to direct a crowd to where they should go. If you’ve ever been to a large event you’ve probably seen these things and have been funneled through them. The barriers are interlocked to prevent them from falling over, and there are usually several law enforcement officers on hand to control everything.

Crowds are often a lot like animals, where a large number can be easily herded into an area, without much thought as to why. So, having a strong display of order, such as the fences and law enforcement helping everyone get to where they need to be, helps keeps large groups of people under control and moving in the right direction.

Plus, the physical barriers act as a wordless reminder to a crowd of where they need to go and where they should avoid. There’s a reason most people can be herded after all, and its because our brains know we can’t go past the barriers, so we need to be walking anywhere the barriers aren’t.

Getting a crowd of hundreds or perhaps thousands of people to do what you want can be both simultaneously easy and difficult, but having crowd control methods on hand helps to unconsciously move the people where they should be.

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